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Download TEAM JANE visual here. 

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The following photos are can be really useful to help with your TEAM JANE fundraiser. Make sure where you use them though that the photographers receive credit. 


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Feel free to use and share these videos to help promote your TEAM JANE fundraiser.




Sometimes it can help donors decide how much to give if they see examples of what their donation could help support. Download and print this flyer to share with donors. Note: donations received through TEAM JANE are general donations. These are just examples of how the funds may be spent.

Download the one pager here.

The Jane Goodall Institute Program Information Sheets

It can be helpful when asking people to donate to your TEAM JANE fundraiser to be able to tell them how their donations are going to be used. The following information sheets have information about the Jane Goodall Institute's mission and programs. You can also always visit to learn more and stay up to date with the latest happenings at JGI. 


Jane Goodall Quote Poster

Jane Quote Choice Gift of Our LivesJane Quote Make A DifferenceJane Quote Care Help Save