Sign Dr. Goodall's Birthday Card

Dr. Jane Goodall is turning 84 on April 3, 2018! Let’s make it one to remember for someone so unforgettable! Dr. Goodall has devoted her entire life to being a mentor, a revolutionary role model, and an advocate for other species, people, and the natural world we all share. Join us in showing her how much we care and are activated to make a difference by signing Jane’s birthday card which she will receive this April 3rd!

Dear Jane,

I would like to send my heartfelt birthday wishes to you on your special day! You are someone I greatly admire as you’ve dedicated your entire life to securing a brighter future for our world.

You are a source of inspiration for countless lives and minds in encouraging us each to evaluate how our everyday decisions impact our shared world. You have proven that we each do have the power to create positive impacts in our local communities and beyond, and that every individual has a role to play.

I want to say thank you for giving me the courage and drive to commit myself to a life of peace, hope and action, and want wish you a very happy birthday, and many more!







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